Maintenance and repair solutions

We offer Preventative Maintenance contracts and servicing on all manufactured biological irradiator & imaging systems for our UK, Ireland and European customers.

X-ray Irradiators
Precision SmART, MultiRad, X-RAD and CellRad ranges.

Faxitron Imaging Systems
Faxitron range, and legacy products including: MultiFocus, MX-20, DX-50, LX-60, and 43855A, B, C, D - known as the ‘Alphabet’ products. We are also able to service the Faxitron BioVision and CoreVision systems deemed to be End of life.

Gamma Irradiators
Cis Bio IBL437C and IBL637. Gammacell models GC1000, GC2000, GC3000, GC40 and GC220.
GammaService Medical GSR-C1 and GSR-D1.

Dose Mapping
We also offer Dose Mapping on all manufactured Gamma Irradiators.
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