RPS Service introduce the CompAI TrueView Core 100 Pro for advanced specimen x-rays to the UK and Irish markets

20th Jul, 2022

RPS Service are pleased to introduce the CompAI TrueView Core 100 Pro to the UK and Irish markets. It uses advanced radiography and automated software to precisely identify tumor lesions in resected or biopsied breast tissue. With AI enhanced voice control and gesture sensing, there is no need to remove gloves for use in the operating room. The surgeons hands and attention can remain on the patient, thus greatly saving time and reducing patient risk. Fast, accurate and complete removal of the breast tumor greatly improves patient outcomes.

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image showing the TrueView Core 100 Pro
TrueView Core 100 Pro front view
TrueView Core 100 Pro back view

CompAI digital specimen x-ray system

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