Add more power to your benchtop

A dedicated cabinet x-ray unit for continuous cell irradiation, designed for placement directly on the lab benchtop.

The simple touch-screen control panel makes the CellRad+ easy to use for those with no x-ray training.

The CellRad+ system can be used continuously to irradiate cells without compromising sterility or security and serves as a smaller, simpler, safer and more cost effective alternative to gamma radioisotope.



  • Cancer Cell Research
  • Arrest Proliferation of Feeder Cells
  • Tissue Studies
  • Stem Cell Research
  • Immunotherapy


Hear more about the benefits of CellRad+ in this video



Cabinet Features

  • No additional shielding required
  • Electrically-operated turntable to ensure uniform dosing, 2RPM
  • Integrated closed-loop heat exchanger
  • NRTL Certified by Intertek for Electrical Safety


Interface Features

  • On-unit, graphical user touch-screen interface
  • Individual user passwords required for system operation
  • Excel database of exposure and user history can be downloaded to a USB drive
  • Programmed exposure settings and database management

Product Datasheet Download

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