Faxitron leads the industry with the most Advanced Automated Dose Measurement and Control system available for a research irradiator. It provides traceable confidence in repeatable, accurate dose values and reduces the cost of physics support. The dose control feature allows a specified dose to be delivered and the exposure terminated when the dose has been reached.

The custom ion chamber is integrated in the motorized turntable to measure the dose output of the X-ray source. The output of the system is first calibrated using a reference ionization chamber and electrometer per the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) TG-61 protocol for kilovoltage X-ray beam dosimetry. This quantified data is then used to establish an algorithmic correction factor which accurately matches the onboard system readings to the calibrated measurements. The correction factor is self-adjusting and accounts for detector response changes caused by changes in system geometry.

The dose measurement system also provides the user with the option to perform an automated self QA check before each use. This automated process takes less than two minutes to complete and verifies that the dose output is equal to that of the initial calibration.

Dose Measurement

1) Automated Filter Selection
Five beam conditioning filters are located on a motorized filter wheel which moves to the selected position. Users are not required to manually change the filters at any time. Filter selections can be stored as a program preset.

2) Variable Collimator
Rectangular collimated field size is displayed in cm x cm or, if full field of view is selected, in cm diameter. The field size can be adjusted in 0.1mm increments and position can be stored as a program preset. Continuous Beam Collimation (CBC) can be switched on or off. With the feature on, the field size is always maintained during changes in Source-to-Surface Distance (SSD). The collimator uses a high intensity LED to represent X-ray field coverage and is equipped with a laser-centering crosshair indicator. The light field to X-ray field accuracy at 20cm x 20cm field size (50cm SSD) is +/-1mm or 0.5%.

3) Motorized Shelf with Turntable
The motorized shelf is adjustable in 1mm increments with accuracy greater than 0.01mm. Shelf position is known at all times and can be preset into a user defined protocol.

Multirad Options
Mouse Pie Cage

Mouse Pie Cage

The 12-specimen cage is used for whole body irradiation of multiple animals.

Mouse Restraints and Shields

Mouse Restraints and Shields

Faxitron offers a variety of mouse fixtures and shielding used for partial body irradiation of flank, spine, abdomen, or head.

Fixed Beam Collimators

Fixed Beam Collimators

Fixed beam collimators are available in a range of sizes for targeted irradiation.



The MultiRad 160 and 225 can be equipped with a high resolution digital detector. For imaging, the X-ray tube focal spot is electronically switched to the smaller 1.2mm setting. The images are displayed on an external 22” 2.3MP monitor. Imaging is helpful for targeting regions for irradiation with either a fixed beam or variable collimator.